Referral Program

Tesla has updated it's referal program so you can get points that can be used for various items from Tesla. Order your car using a referral code to gain these credits. Please feel free to use my referral code when ordering online by clicking HERE. If you are using a salesperson, give them my code bryan5880.  The Referrer gets an equal number of credits.

Here's how you can spend these credits!

1500 Credits = 500 miles of supercharging

4800 Credits = 2000 miles of supercharging

500 Credits = Cybertruck Raffle (multiple entries allowed)

500 Credits = Various T Shirts

1500 Credits = Giga Texas Belt Buckle

1500 Credits = Jacket

1400 Credits = Sipping Glasses

4000 Credits = CCS Combo 1 Adapter

2500 Credits = Pet Liner

700 Credits = License Plate Frame

1400 Credits = Color Matched Faceplate for you Tesla Wall Connector

8500 Credits = Model X/3/Y Roof Rack

3500 Credits = Model 3/Y All Weather Interior Liners

5000 Credits = Model X All Weather Interior Mats or Liners

500 Credits = Model 3/Y Center Console Trays

8500 Credits Model X/Y Hitch Rack

3000 Credits Model 3/Y Illuminated Door Sills

5500 Credits = Tesla Wall Connector

9500 Credits = Acceleration Boost

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