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 Meet the Team

Bryan Hayes
Founder & President

Bryan became an EV owner in 2014 and now owns two EVs and has traveled over 250,000 miles in battery vehicles and driven them to both coasts. Quickly, his passion for electric vehicles fused with his expertise as a Master Electrician. his networking and entrepreneurial skills made him into the “go-to” guy for installing electric car charging stations in the Minnesota region. Bryan is a visionary who is ready to take on the challenge of building a system of singularity for electric car charging across the United States.

Our Team

We have multiple crews of licensed electricians that form our team.  We also have expert estimators to guide you through the maze of incentives to optimize your charging system.  Our team has installed more than 1,500 chargers and bringing to life the new world of electric vehicles every day to new EV owners. We are actively recruiting and building our staff as the demand for our services continues to grow.

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