We will share ways to preserve your EV battery life during winter and colder temperatures.

During the winter months in Minneapolis, electric car owners will probably notice a significant decline in their vehicles’ battery life. Are you one of those people who are struggling to maximize your battery life during the colder months this year?

The dropping temperate is something to pay close attention to so you can be prepared and educate yourself on your vehicle’s equipped features to help ensure a convenient and seamless experience. 

Can you imagine getting in your car and not having enough charge to go to your destination or merely watching your battery life disintegrate?  

Our goal is to help you get through this winter and better understanding your vehicle. 

You don’t have to avoid driving your electric car during the colder months.  

This blog will share some quick tips to better battery life during winter and answer some commonly asked questions. 

How Do I Preserve Battery Life During Winter? 

The most commonly asked question is, “How do I maintain my battery charge during colder climates?”

Battery life will inevitably be less efficient during colder climates. Running your heat and driving at rapidly accelerated speeds will drain it more. 

When you feel dramatic temperature drops and decide to increase your heat in the cabin, you can expect to experience a 41% battery life drop. 

That’s a significant amount, but there are ways you can preserve battery life during winter. 

Here Are 8 Ways To Save Battery Life This Winter:

  1. Keep your car parked in the garage or if that’s not available to you, try to park it out in the sunshine when you are out and about your day.
  2. Be mindful of the cabin’s temperature; using a lot of heat will drain the battery quicker. We recommend using your seat and steering wheel heaters instead. 
  3. Schedule Your Departure Time by selecting a daily time you want to leave so your car can start charging and preheating. 
  4. Be mindful of the snowflake icon that will appear if the vehicle is too cold. When the snowflake icon appears, battery power and regenerating brakes are limited.
  5. Conserve battery life during winter by activating “chill mode” on your app to maintain moderate speeds and avoid rapid acceleration.
  6. Use a Supercharger when your battery is warm and pre-conditioned. If you use your navigation system to route the car to your nearest Supercharger, the vehicle will automatically preheat the battery to reduce the charging time
  7. We recommended that you start your fast charge (for those travelling long distances) at lower states of charge and when your battery is warm.
  8. Keep your car plugged in and charging. Keeping your vehicle plugged in is essential for your battery life during winter because it will use the system heat vs. your car battery heat. 

** How do I set up the Pre-condition feature on my car? Open the Tesla app and tap Climate and select ‘Turn On.’ 

*** Tip 6 is helpful because heating up can take up to 45 mins, so take advantage of these tips to save time!

How Do I Protect Against Ice and Snow? 

When it comes down to frosty conditions and ice on the road, we have to take precautions. 

However, neglecting to look after our vehicles and taking the extra step to protect against ice and snow will create issues and wear tear. 

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Protect Against Ice And Snow: 

  1. Wipers and Mirrors: Position your wipers in the service position and deactivate your automatic mirror fold-up. 
  2. Windows and Mirrors: You can use the defrost feature to melt ice off your windows and manually open and close your mirrors to restore the automatic mirror fold-up feature. 
  3. Autopilot Sensors and Cameras: Clear any snow, mud, ice, and dirt. Using “Rust-Oleum Never Wet Top Coat” on the car’s front will prevent rusting on its front fascia. 
  4. Charger Port: Activate the pre-conditioning to HI or use the defrost feature in the Tesla app. Keep in mind a frozen charger port will allow AC charging at lower rates with a blinking amber indicator. 
  5. Winter Tires and Accessories: This a no-brainer when you are dealing with harsh weather conditions. Make sure you have the appropriate winter tires and chains where applicable. 

How to turn on the defrost feature: Open the Tesla app and select ‘Climate’> defrost icon.

However, here is a healthy tip to keep in mind. The windshield washer fluid de-icing agents evaporate over time. We suggest refilling your fluids. 

Taking Care Of Your Vehicle During Winter

Stay warm during the cold spell in Minneapolis, folks. 

We are experiencing freezing weather this year, bringing on a whole new set of challenges and maintenance to our vehicles. 

Stay safe and healthy during this winter, and keep your vehicles protected and maintained. 

I hope this blog helped teach you ways to preserve your battery life during winter. As well as provide you with ways you can prevent damage and wear and tear to your vehicle. 

Leave us a comment below if you would like any other questions answered.