June 18, 2021

SpaceX Starlink Beta is coming to BAKKEN Electric HQ in Saint Paul

We are taking a chance, an opportunity to be a part of something bigger, greater than ordinary at BAKKEN Electric by purchasing a Starlink Satellite.

Have you heard the news that is slowly circling its way around the earth and into the office of BAKKEN Electric? 

Literally circling the earth

Better Than Nothing Beta is a cutting-edge program that users have been invited to test out Starlink’s Satellites that are said to provide internet around the entire globe. So far, Starlink has launched 900 satellites of the 12,000, with an additional 30,000 waiting to be approved by the Federal Communications Commissions.

Do you know what this means? 

The fastest yet internet to power the globe even if you are in the middle of the ocean.

By the end of 2021, the whole earth will soon be exposed to Beta services domestically and internationally. 

Something neat about this… 

Elon Musk’s SpaceX satellites look like a chain of Christmas lights being dragged across the sky. A wifi connection that you can see from space, pretty wild, huh? 

Someone, please tell me what we can’t do nowadays.

This is probably something you’ve noticed before and thought about aliens travelling through space. Well, no, it was Elon and his toys circling the earth. 

However, on a more serious note, with some safety and hazard concerns from the astronomers, Elon had to get a little more creative with the satellites’ design. 

All of Starlink’s sats are now equipped with a visor to shield them from the sun. This means the last call for stargazing with the naked eye was on June 13th. 

But wait! 

For the avid stargazers, you haven’t missed your opportunity. Track the satellites through these two applications:

Star Walk 2: Open the application and go to the “search.” Choose the satellite icon & you should see the satellites on Starlink’s “main satellite” list. 

Satellite Tracker by Star Walk: Appears on the list of “objects.”

Both applications provide accurate positioning and location of the Starlink Satellite. 

CalSky – you can actually track the latest batch of satellites launched on January 24th, 2021!

And depending on your location, you might get lucky to have a peek and see what this looks like in real-time. 

Starlink can be seen with the naked eye 30 min before and after sunset/sunrise moving like a string of pearls across the night sky. I hope you get to enjoy at least one night’s show! 

So why is there such a big fuss about all of this? 

Well, there are a few reasons.

We all know Elon is planning to make his way over to Mars. What’s a better way to finance it than power the entire earth with a better internet connection, TV and cellphone improvement.

The initial data speeds vary from 50Mb/s to 150Mb/s with 20ms-40ms latency. Over the several months, while Starlink is working to enhance their systems, there might be a period of zero connection.

With that being said, with more satellites launched into the sky, Starlink is working to improve data speed, networking software, and bringing the ground station numbers up. 

We should address the elephant in the room, though… 

What will be the impacts of this project? 

This is what we have so far: 

Starlink is working to exceed expectations of all regulatory and industry standards. 


SpaceX has created a way to send Falcon 9 to space and then safely land it back on earth. Creating a system where they reuse and repurpose as much as they can.  

Here is a little bit about the satellites and what makes them unique: 

  • Starlink satellites use the Defence Department’s inputs to make more accurate maneuvers, which also helps avoid human error, improving accuracy. This way, we prevent collision with other spacecraft or debris.
  • The satellites have a short life span of 1-5 years until they start to deorbit. With their on-board propulsion system, the process will begin a few months before their time. This is significantly less than the years required being at higher altitudes. 
  • The satellites are 340 miles (550 km) from the Earth, which is close enough to get pulled by atmospheric drag, so they don’t just become junk up in space. 

While all of the satellites’ improvements are better than how we used to do things, some unavoidable issues still remain. 

Although the satellites deorbit after 5 years, that is still 5 years of junk floating around the earth and becoming a safety hazard up in space. Because once the satellite starts to deorbit, who is in charge of maneuvering it now? 

So far, 3 % of the ion engines have failed, leaving us with 23 dead satellites travelling the earth. Not to mention the 47 satellites that SpaceX intentionally deorbited.

Here is a bit of math to put things into perspective, 

If Elon and SpaceX send up 42,000 satellites at a 3% failure rate into the Earth’s orbit, that will leave us with 1,200 dead satellites, which makes up a whole ⅓ of the amount of the retired satellites in orbit at the moment. 

As a collective, when we set out on missions and continue to grow at exponential rates, it does 2 things. 

  1. Keep us up to speed with technology.
  2. Little by little, adding to the destruction of our planet. 


The topic is controversial. Opinions about the project are inevitable because there are always two sides to every coin. 

With that said, the project continues. 

February 4th is launch time. 

SpaceX is planning to launch 60 more satellites from Florida. 

We got 14 more launches to go before this year is over. Seven of which are planned for March next month. WILD!

So what’s happening with Bryan at BAKKEN Electric? 

All this gossip, we almost forgot to talk about how this impacts BAKKEN Electric! 

They decided to purchase their own satellite and router and install it in their HQ office in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They are really excited to bring a faster internet connection to their office and see what the new technology brings to the table.

The self-installation is intended to be simple enough to avoid hiring this out.

So if you decide to jump on the bandwagon, you can set it all up yourself. 

I tried to get a satellite to Fiji, and I’m still on the waiting list. 

Suppose you are curious and want to be part of the project. In that case, you can sign up for $99/month for the Beta service wifi with a $499 initial fee to get the satellite and router to get you started.

Kind of cool the idea of having your own personal Elon Musk satellite!

Here is a list of places between 41.8 degrees N to 54.7 degrees N currently covered and are invited to purchase a satellite. 

United States: 

State & Latitudes (°N)

  1. Idaho: 42.1 – 48.3
  2. Illinois: 42.2 – 42.2
  3. Iowa: 42.0 – 42.5
  4. Maine: 42.2 – 42.5
  5. Massachusetts: 42.1 – 42.2
  6. Michigan: 41.8 – 47.9
  7. Minnesota: 44.6 – 42.2
  8. Montana: 44.6 – 48.4
  9. New Hampshire: 42.8 – 44.4
  10. New York: 42.1 – 44.7
  11. North Dakota: 47.9 – 47.9
  12. Oregon: 42.2 – 46.6
  13. South Dakota: 44.3 – 45.4
  14. Vermont: 42.6 – 44.6
  15. Virginia: 37
  16. Washington: 45.0 – 48.6
  17. Wisconsin: 42.0 – 46.6
  18. Wyoming: 42.8 – 44.5


Province & Latitudes (°N)

  1. Alberta: 49.4 – 54.5
  2. British Columbia: 48.4 – 53.9
  3. Manitoba: 49.0 – 51.1
  4. New Brunswick: 45.3 – 47.6
  5. Nove Scotia: 45.6 – 46.0
  6. Ontario: 42.5 – 51.5
  7. Saskatchewan: 49.6 – 53.2


Country & Latitudes (°N)

  1. United Kingdom: 50.0 – 51.9, 54.7
  2. Germany: 52.4

At least there is something else to talk about now besides COVID-19. Yes, there is a worldwide pandemic, but did you hear the wifi news?!

As of right now, the countries getting access to the SpaceX Starlink Better Than Beta is Canada and the United States. 

So why are we getting involved? 

“Because I want to support and be an active part of new technology and bringing high-speed internet with all its ancillary benefits and tech around the world.” – Bryan Hayes. 

When the world is exploding with new technology, we need the internet to keep up and speed things up with a high demand of people streaming audio and video every day. 

We depend on our phones and technology to stay connected with our families, friends, and news worldwide. SpaceX opens up opportunities to join the rest of the 4o% of the world that isn’t even online yet.  It will also be nice to be connected at the cabin!

The world will be connected to the 40% of minds who are yet to share their genius.  

I guess the other news is that we are starting a blog

So share the gossip and keep us in the loop with all the chatter. Our goal is to entertain and help you enjoy things in a more light-hearted way. 

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