SpaceX Starlink Beta is coming to BAKKEN Electric HQ in Saint Paul 

We are excited to share the news with you that we purchased a Starlink satellite for our Minneapolis office, and we are starting a blog!
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Led Lights For Your Home And Business

Replace existing exterior lighting with new LED high efficiency lighting.  Local utilities offer various incentives and rebates that make doing these changes a great opportunity to lower your monthly fixed costs.  Financing is available for larger projects.

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Perfect Solutions For Panel Replacement

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Trenching Power To Detached Garage

We provide underground installations for detached garages and sheds.  We can also troubleshoot broken underground lines and get you powered up again. 

Change your electrical service from overhead to underground and remove unsightly power lines to your house and avoid the possibility of damage from trees or other acts of mother nature.

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Outdoor Electrical Outlets For Your Truck / Vehicle

We build custom truck outlet posts for your outdoor truck or vehicle equipment.  Get a professional job done!  Here is a recent installation with custom made steel posts and arms to hold the cords

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Storm Damage Repair for Overhead Power Lines

Here is a recent service call from storm damage.  A tree limb tore the power feed to the house and bent the overhead service mast.  We repair these and also offer underground conversion options.

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